MBC History

The Story of Memorial Baptist Church

On the night of October 26, 1952, 75 people gathered in a home for a time of song and prayer. After much prayer and discussion, those 75 decided that God was leading them to form a new church. The result was the formation of a new congregation which adopted the name Memorial Baptist Church on November 12, 1952.

H.H. Burton, a retired minister, was called as Interim Pastor as the church initially met in Lorton Hall on the campus of the University of Tulsa. A site at 2800 South Yale covering one block was purchased, and the first unit of the church building was completed in March 1955. Numerous additions and changes have been made since that time, including the purchase of a small corner restaurant at 29th street and Yale to provide for an activity center and additional parking spaces. Additional property has been purchased over the years just north of the church. This has been transformed into parking and the youth ministry center.

The first Senior Pastor was Rev. Fred Wilhoite, who was called in June in 1953 and served for three years. He was succeeded by Dr. D.A. Williams, who was called in 1956 and served for 22 years until the time of his passing in February 1978. After an interim period Dr. Ward Walker was called in 1979 and served only a brief 9 month period. After an additional interim period, Dr. John Wheeler was called in 1980 and served for 12 years until 1992. Following a 10-month interim period, Dr. Marc Dreyer was called in the summer of 1993 and retired in February of 2016. Following a 15-month interim period Jacob Bice, was called to the pastor in the summer of 2017.

MBC has a heart for missions and cooperation with other like-minded churches. Since its inception, it has contributed generously to the Cooperative Program, currently giving to an annual offering for Gospel-spreading efforts internationally, in Oklahoma, in North America, and in India.