What is the Baptist Faith and Message?

If you've been a part of a Southern Baptist church for very long, then you've probably heard of the Baptist Faith and Message. However, our hope is that we are always reaching new people, and that means people who may not be familiar with the Baptist Faith and Message. Memorial Baptist uses this document as our statement of faith. While we understand everyone may not hold to 100% of every article, we expect our teachers and leaders to teach in a way that is consistent with those beliefs. We also understand that there may be more liberty on certain articles than others. For example, one person may argue that he doesn't really hold to the statement in the article on "The Christian and the Social Order" that reads, "Every Christian should seek to bring industry, government, and society as a whole under the sway of the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love." He may argue that it's not the job of every Christian to do that. We can offer liberty on that view of the article. However, if another person argued that he doesn't agree with the statement in article about God that reads, "Christ is the eternal Son of God," then we have a serious problem. On such essentials of the faith, there must be unity. 

You may also have questions about why there are different versions of the Baptist Faith and Message. That's what the attached article is meant to help you navigate. It was written by the faculty of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and provides good insight into what's behind the Baptist Faith and Message. 

The Baptist Faith and Message Explained

Are you interested in a further study of the Baptist Faith and Message. We have some workbooks available at the church that we'd be happy to give to any of our members. Just let us know!